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We understand the difficulty in choosing and insurance policy that can take care of you family's financial needs. Our insurance specialists will be guiding you through this complex maze of insurance terms and options. We assess your situation and your financial needs thoroughly before coming up with some of the best life insurance quotes that fit your budget. Our team does it all to ensure you have a stress-free experience.

That’s our hassle-free promise to you- we’ll get you there without the worries or hassles. Just give us a call for a truly stress free experience- we will happily come to your home or business to provide a free quote.

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Customers love us for out pain-free Life Insurance Quotes always on your terms.

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All our team members have years of Life Insurance expertise.

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Our Services

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is a life for a specific period of time. Insurance that provides financial coverage for a specific period of time.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance is a form of permanent life insurance, which features guaranteed premiums, death benefits, and cash value.

Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance (Paycheck Insurance) pays you income if you become not able to work due to a major illness or an accident.

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Irene D.

Bob's integrity and trustworthiness make doing business with him a pleasure. He is a trusted advisor and I constantly refer friends and associates to him.

David B.

Bob is a knowledgeable and dedicated professional and I am very happy with his services. He places his clients first - an unusual characteristic in the business World.

Jessica H.

Bob is your man for all your Life Insurance Needs. He is extremely professional and reliable.



Protecting your loved ones with the right amount and the right type Life Insurance is a caring and responsible act.

The mystery of life Insurance buying can be simplified by answering two fundamental questions:

1. How much Life Insurance do you need?

2. What kind of Life Insurance do you need?

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Honest, Hard Working Local Life Insurance Experts

At WestCare Insurance Services, we plan and handle your insurance needs down to the finest of details. Our team has decades of combined experience finding the right amount of insurance coverage to provide for your families future needs. This helps you make a stress-free decision. We have the perfect insurance solutions to meet all of your families financial needs.

Picking The Right Insurance Agency Every Time

Once you have determined that you need the protection of a life insurance policy and you have an idea of what types of life insurance will best cover your specific situation, then the next step is to choose which insurance agency you want to give your business to. This is the most difficult aspect of obtaining life insurance. We help you determine which insurance company has the right prices, the best products, and the best service so you don't have to do the hard work of making the choice on your own.

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Award Winning Customer Service You Can Count On

WestCare Insurance Services proudly helps is customers choose life insurance companies who have the best customer service. Most life insurance companies will claim that they focus a lot of their attention on their customer service. We have a specialize team in place for evaluating their customer service level and use this as part of the criteria when selecting the right insurance company for you. Give us a call- one of our associates will be happy to answer all of your insurance questions.

Case Study - Thomas

Thomas and I met in 2012 to discuss his life insurance needs. I recommended a $750,000 Life Insurance Policy with a Chronic Illness Rider. This rider is designed for policyholders to get cash from their life insurance policy if they need it to pay expenses.

In 2016, Thomas was diagnosed with Toxic Mold Disease of the Lungs due to mold exposure in his home.

In 2017, his conditions became grave. The Doctors told him the only chance of survival would be to get a double lung transplant. He was put on the Lung transplant list in Dec 2017.

Fortunately he received his Lung transplant in 2018, but due to his illness he was now tens of thousands of dollars in debt. We contacted his insurance company and because he had that Chronic Illness Rider he was eligible to receive up to $500,000 from his Life Insurance Policy.

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There’s not an Insurance Agency in town that can match our Hassle-Free Insurance Quote Guarantee! Call us to learn more.

Insurance Myth - All Agencies Are Equal

Thinking about accepting the cheapest Insurance quote? Better think twice! Budget Companies simply do not have the experience to protect your family adequately. From cheap term life policies to novice mistakes, you’ll end up paying for it in the long run.

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The Most Honest, Dedicated Insurance Agency in Yorba Linda

WestCare Insurance Services was founded an terrible experience he was 9 years old. His father unexpectedly passed away. His Dad only had a $1,000 life insurance policy which was not enough to bury him. My Mother had to borrow the balance of the funeral costs from her brother. My Mom started working extra shifts at the local hospital to help make ends meet. My two older brothers and I started delivering newspapers on bicycles seven days a week to help our Mom not have to work those double shifts. Our day started at 4:30 am and we finished at 6:30 am just in time to eat breakfast, take a shower and go to school. Many times, it was hard to stay awake in class. We struggled as a family just to get by.

What if my Dad had a $100,000 or $200,000 Life Insurance Policy when he died? Our whole lives would have been better. We would have been able to pay our bills on time, have a few dollars left over for family outings, our Mom could have spent more quality time with us during our growing years.

My passion is to help families obtain the proper coverage of Life Insurance and Paycheck Insurance to ensure they are taken care of financially if or when unexpected life events happens.

I want my clients to have “A Good Life for the Rest of Their Lives.”

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Bob H.


I have over 25 years experience in the insurance profession specializing in asset protection by providing quality insurance products. I serve professionals, small business owners, individuals, families, and seniors with Medicare.

Marya D.


I started in the insurance business in 1995. I am vary dedicated to helping our clients find the best possible insurance plans that meets their needs and their budget.

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Bruce N.

Bob's is the best insurance professional I have known. He gives me sound advice and clearly explains my options.

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Check out Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of life insurance?

The Life insurance can provide financial protection for those you care about, and other financial obligations, in the event of an unexpected death.

Who should own life insurance?

If your family will suffer financially when you die, chances are you will need life insurance because it provides cash to your family after your death.

How much life insurance coverage do you need?

It's about how much capital your family will need at the time of your death, which depends on two things: 1) how much you need to meet immediate obligations? 2) How much future income is needed to sustain the household?

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